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March 2019

Dear Friends,

Due to deadline requirements I am writing this article on the 8th of February at which point there is no clear way forward with Brexit even though it will be the big issue of March. There are so many possible outcomes that it can only be guess work as to what happens next. There are, however, a few certainties: even if an agreement is reached by the 29th the process will continue for a long time to come; whatever the outcome the experience of living in Britain will be different in future; our political parties and mode of government will also be changed; deep divisions in our nation will need to be healed.

My particular concerns are that the poorest in our nation will suffer the most and that we are in danger of having a fractured society. I confess that I feel anxious about the future of our nation in a way that I have never before.

I have learnt that the best antidote to anxiety about issues over which I have no control is to practise handing the situation into God’s care. There was a time when Jesus was asleep in a boat during a storm while his disciples were in a panic about what would happen.  When he was woken he stilled the storm and told his friends off for not trusting God; it was his trust that enabled Jesus to sleep in the storm.

So my recommendations at this time are that we practise trusting God, we do what we can for the more vulnerable in society and we work hard at building relationships with those who see the world differently.


PS I can be contacted at or on 01892 862821 or at The Rectory, Southfields, Speldhurst, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN3 0PD.