Flower Beds

 The Millennium Sign Flower Beds at the end of Southfields were created by volunteers in 2016 with the aid of a Parish Council grant and the donation of some plants by local residents. The idea was to have bee-friendly plants which are easy to maintain and provide colour through most of the year, for the benefit of the whole community.


The Flower Beds sparked more ideas for Speldhurst flowers:

- In 2017 the renewal of the flower bed at the Roopers - Ferbies junction was begun

- Flower Troughs outside the Village Hall will be installed in 2018 in partnership with the Beavers, after a second grant was received from the Parish Council


These are small projects which just need a handful of enthusiastic volunteers of any age who live nearby to maintain them. (Volunteers on our Southfields rota helped just 3 times each from June to October last year.)


 Perhaps Cubs or Brownies doing gardening badges, or students looking for community work could help. Whoever you are, if you would like to be involved or have any comments please contact:

 Nicky 863784, nicky@earwaker.net or

Carol 861115, carolamoulton19@gmail.com

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